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Sample pretreatment
Sequence service

Pretreatment is performed from samples (biological samples, frozen cells, etc.), the target substance is extracted, and data is acquired with the next-generation sequencer.

It supports whole genome analysis, bisulfite sequence, RNA-seq, ChIP-seq, etc.

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Primary analysis
(Quality check, etc.)

We perform quality confirmation analysis (quality check) and mapping of raw data (fastq file) obtained from the next-generation sequencer. This analysis allows you to decide whether to move on to the next step of analysis. This service also performs data quality verification and results by processing adapters included in NGS data.

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Made-to-order analysis

Judging the results of the primary analysis, we perform heat map analysis and PCA analysis according to the customer's request and research purpose.

Processing such as mapping is performed using the dedicated high-speed calculation server in Japan that we own. Please contact us for more information.

It is possible not only to analyze from the sample, but also to send the data and request only the information analysis.

Prices, delivery dates, etc. depend on the content of your analysis, so please contact us for details.


Analysis example


University corporations, private hospitals , regenerative medicine-related companies

Major medical device manufacturers / major pharmaceutical companies

We have received many other requests.



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・ Prices and delivery dates will vary depending on the content of your request.

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